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Note: Your dues must accompany this application. Also, if you are applying for Publication Membership you must enclose 4 copies of your publication for review by the Eligibility Committee.


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Type of membership you are applying for:Publication ($190)  Publication Assoc. ($75)    Student Pub. ($45)
Individual ($75)    Affiliate/International ($75) Retired ($25)
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Are you now affiliated with a publication?  Yes   No

     If NO, have you been affiliated with a publication in the past?  Yes    No

Does your publication carry advertising? Yes     No

     If YES, does it have an officially adopted advertising code?    Yes   No  
          (If YES, please enclose advertising code)

Does the sponsoring organization exercise complete control over the editorial and advertising content? Yes      No

Has the editor or publication been a prior member of AADEJ?   Yes     No

Dental organization memberships: