Membership Information

AADEJ Membership Information


The AADEJ was chartered in 1931 and is composed of dedicated people specifically interested in improving communication within the dental profession and in elevating the standards of dental journalism. The organization is committed to the establishment and encouragement of responsible editorial policy.

Member publications represent state dental associations, component societies, dental specialty groups, dental schools, alumni, dental auxiliaries, students, and commercial publications.


● The development of more effective communication by the membership in their interaction with the dental profession and the public;

● The providing of guidelines for editors to raise the standards of ethics in the dental press;

● The creation of incentives for member editors to encourage striving for excellence in their publications;

● The recommending of policies and programs designed to assist established dental editors and to help train new editors;

● The serving as a forum for dental editors to discuss mutual problems and to exchange ideas.

AADEJ Publications

The AADEJ Newsletter (Members Only) is published on a quarterly basis.

The newsletters serve to inform the members of new developments in dental journalism, to record the pertinent affairs of the association, and as a forum for the discussion of journalistic problems.

An Annual Membership Directory provides a network of dental editors for dialogue.

How Can I Become a Member?

Editors and staff associated with the production of dental publications and others interested in dental journalism are eligible to join the AADEJ. In accordance with the AADEJ's bylaws, the editor serves as the representative of the member publication. To become a member publication, the publication must meet the qualifications listed in the AADEJ Eligibility Code.

Membership Categories


Publication Member: for publications sponsored by dental organizations meeting Association standards. In accordance with the AADEJ's bylaws, the editor serves as the representative of the member publication. May carry AADEJ logo on approved publication. (Publication Member Application - $190 annually)

Publication Associate Member: for staff members or others associated with a member publication. (Publication Associate Member Application - $75 annually)

Student Publication Member: for publications sponsored by dental student organizations meeting Association standards. (Student Publication Member Application - $45 annually)


Individual Member: for individuals interested in dental journalism, who accept the principles in the "Eligibility Code". Associate and assistant editors, business managers, former editors and managers, authors, teachers and others who have an interest in dental journalism are eligible for individual membership. (Individual Member Application - $75 annually)

Affiliate/ International

Affiliate/International Membership: for organizations outside the US, which sponsor a dental publication meeting Association standards. (Affiliate/International Membership Application - US$75 annually, includes airmail postage)


Retired Member: for individuals being sixty-five years of age or older, who have been an AADEJ member for at least 15 years. (Retired Member Application - $25 annually)

Note: Applications for Publication Memberships must be accompanied by four (4) issues of the publication. They may be the same issues or four (4) different issues. Copies of the advertising code must be submitted with the Publication membership application.

Eligibility Code for Publications

(For Publication Membership Only)

The Eligibility Code outlines the standards that all publications shall meet to qualify for and maintain publication membership in the American Association of Dental Editors & Journalists (AADEJ).

1. The Eligibility Committee shall review the publications as submitted by the applicant and make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding eligibility for membership. Periodic evaluation of member publications will be made to ensure compliance with the code.

2. The publications should be characterized by ethical and high professional standards and follow ADA journalism guidelines.

3. Publication Content:

a. The editorial content should include scientific and educational topics, association developments, and other types of news of interest to the dental profession.

b. Scientific articles should be supported by appropriate evidence and/or research, and not used for promoting products, techniques, or services advertised.

c. The advertising content should be controlled by an officially adopted advertising code. The code should establish guidelines for:

1. The acceptance for commercial advertising of only those products whose safety, efficacy, and therapeutic value has been demonstrated by scientific evidence.

2. The acceptance of classified advertising.

3. The eliminating or non-acceptance of false, misleading, or deceptive advertising.

Programs & Functions of the AADEJ

● Maintaining an ELIGIBILITY CODE for individual and publication membership.

● Aiding dental societies and publishers in formulating effective ADVERTISING POLICIES.

● Holding an annual EDITORS' CONFERENCE open to all interested in dental journalism.

● Presenting a DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD for noteworthy contributors to dental journalism.

● Encouraging high quality journalism by participating in the annual Journalism Awards sponsored by the International College of Dentists.

● Supporting excellence in editorial writing by managing the annual William J. Gies Foundation Editorial Award Program.

● Sponsoring workshops to enhance publishing and editorial skills. Offering workshop SCHOLARSHIPS to editors, allowing them to attend sessions sponsored by the AADEJ, the American Dental Association or other dental groups.

● Encouraging participation of dental students by offering student memberships and by inviting student dental editors to AADEJ meetings.

● Co-sponsoring with the ADA a New Editor Dental Seminar program to assist the new dental editor in publication design, content choice and business activities, including advertising.

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