William J Gies Award Editorial Award

Presented By:

The American Association of Dental Editors


The William J. Gies Foundation for the Advancement of Dentistry of the American Dental Education Association


Since 1958 the William J. Gies Editorial Award has been presented yearly to the author of the most valuable editorial published in a dental journal or periodical.  Recognizing the Gies Editorial Award winner has been the joint privilege of the American Association of Dental Editors (AADE) and the William J. Gies Foundation for the Advancement of Dentistry of the American Dental Education Association (ADEA Gies Foundation).


The Gies Editorial Award is considered to be highly prestigious in dentistry and is presented annually at the AADE Annual Conference (held prior to the ADA Annual Session). This year the award will be presented on October 30, 2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Gies Editorial Award for 2013 consists of a plaque and a $1,500 honorarium. Certificates and honoraria are also presented to First and Second Honorable Mentions. The Gies Editorial Award Committee, the AADE, and the ADEA look forward to your participation.


Editors of professional dental publications, and any others NOT associated with proprietary periodicals, are invited to submit a copy of no more than two of their editorials, published during the previous calendar year, which they believe are outstanding.  Eligible periodicals are those under the regulation of a professional dental society or a society of dental hygienists, dental assistants, dental schools, dental alumni or a dental fraternity. Regulation implies control of editorial and scientific contributions in the periodical, in addition control of advertising in order to assure its accuracy and factuality.

Entry Requirements

The letter of transmittal with your submitted editorials must include the volume, number, month, and name of the publication in which the editorial appeared, as well as the name of the editor. Also, please be sure that your submission is either an original of the publication, or a very good copy made from the original publication. Manuscript copies will not be accepted.

Entry Submission Deadline

Please mail your submission to: Gies Editorial Award, American Association of Dental Editors, 750 N. Lincoln Memorial Drive, Suite 422, Milwaukee, WI 53202.

The submission deadline for this year is Friday, June 21, 2013.

For More Information

Contact the American Association of Dental Editors at 414.272.2759.

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